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NFT South Africa

NFT South Africa

NFT South Africa

Welcome to NFT South Africa.

The purpose of this NFT website is to become the go-to NFT platform in South Africa for people who are collecting NFTs, or wanting to buy or sell NFTs.

Where to buy NFTs in South Africa? There are many NFT marketplaces available from Opensea, LooksRare to Sologenic.

Personally, we are fans of Ripple $XRP because of the low gas fees so we do most of our buying and selling on sologenic due to the low mint price.

How to get exposure to NFT?

Before starting, we need to understand, why should you begin advertising your NFT Collection? We can assume that there are 3 principal reasons why artists make NFTs: to earn money, to follow the last trends, and to draw more engagement to their artworks. No matt

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

Although they’ve been around since 2014, NFTs are gaining notoriety now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. A staggering $174 million has been spent on NFTs since November 2017.

In 2022 the NFT market is expected to reach as much as $35 billion in net sales volume. Based on its current growth rate, reputable sources forecast the NFT market to grow to about $80 billion by 2025. Most NFTs fall into 1 of 6 different categories: art, collectibles, gaming, metaverse, utility, and proof of ownership.

The NFT South Africa market welcomes all artists: from world-famous with a million audience on social media channels to beginners without community. A lot of creators release their NFT collections or separate artworks every day. We believe that you are a great artist and your artworks are unique. However, sometimes it’s not enough to grab the attention of the collectors.

It is all above to say the following: it’s necessary to promote your NFT Collection.

How to Promote your NFT South Africa Collection!

There are three main reasons why artists create NFTs: to make money, to follow trends, and to attract more attention to their art. No matter what the reason is, they are usually going nowhere without promotion.

So, let’s take a look at why the promotion of NFT Collections is crucial:

By promoting your art, you attract the attention of more people who are likely to spend their means on it. It sounds obvious, isn’t it? Nevertheless, some artists, especially beginners who do not have a marketing team, just mint NFTs and stop there. At present, sales go hand in hand with marketing and PR. So, if you want to make money, promotion is essential.

When you mobilize your efforts and try to do everything possible and impossible to get noticed, you get noticed. Passion and a true desire to become a recognized artist always pay off. Promotion will be beneficial both for your profit and personal brand.

By marketing your NFT Project, you grab the attention of not just collectors but other artists to collaborate with in the future.
And last but not least: when we see that an artist is a person of initiative who contributes to making his project visible, we always pay attention to it and feature it on NFT collector.

1. Social Media accounts
On Instagram and Twitter, various NFT communities give some promotion alternatives for NFT artwork. When it comes to Instagram, they write a post describing all of the details of the release, share it on Insta Stories, and even invite an artist to participate in Insta Live. To be fair, I have no idea what the rates are, but it isn’t cheap. Social Media Marketing is a great way to make yourself known. If this is an NFT Collection of several NFTs, artists post them on all their social media accounts and present each one. At least two weeks before the drop, it’s necessary to start preparing your audience for the release. Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium are the most popular platforms to showcase your drop. Tell what tools you used to create the pieces, the main idea behind the collection, your failures if there were any, etc.

2. Influencers
Paying influencers are the first sort of marketing that comes to mind when it comes to raising awareness. Several influencers have a large fan base that trusts their advice and pays attention to their viewpoints. An influencer will almost certainly request payment in crypto or another type of currency, or a prize in the form of NFT art.

3. Order a PR article about your business
Writing a post about your NFT project and sharing it on the NFT collector is a smart idea. In addition, you can offer various types of media cooperation, such as an interview with you. It’s usually a paid option. You can, however, utilize us to create a blog post that includes all of the data about your drop or NFT collection

4. Create a separate web page
You may create a special webpage on your website dedicated to your NFT collection. Include descriptions for all the art pieces, as well as information on how, when, and where buyers can obtain them.

5. Become a collector
Collecting NFT artworks from artists is an excellent method to get your name out there in the NFT Community. If you buy someone’s NFT art and then post about it on social media, identifying the artist, he’ll probably share it on Insta Stories. This will expand your audience, increasing the number of possible collectors is a strategic move on your part, as well as a little contribution to your upcoming NFT release.

6. Build collaborations
To create NFT Collections, digital artists collaborate with singers, fashion businesses, stars, and animation studios. The primary reason they collaborate is to improve their art with the help of other experts. The second reason is that they swap audiences and help each other grow their fan bases. When we talk about the first collaboration, it’s not about money, but it is surely about recognition.
You can get in touch with other creators and offer them your help. If you do not receive a response, do not give up. It’s only a matter of time before getting noticed.

7. Giveaways
Scheduling a Giveaway of your NFTs of your next coming collection is a great practice in the NFT business. You can make a giveaway for NFT art collectibles or physical art. Artists always have giveaways according to the following scheme: People have to follow the artist on social media, tag their friends in the comment section and finally share the post.
It’s an additional buzz about your NFT art, a real chance to satisfy your followers, and also get known by more people.

8. Join Telegram and Discord
On Telegram and Discord, there are a variety of chat rooms where creators may meet, talk, and share their NFT collections. Just don’t spam the discussion by mentioning your NFT every minute! Participate in debates, be kind, and do your best to ensure that group members recognize you and your approach.

9. Promote in advance
I’ve already mentioned that a large number of NFTs are released each day, so there’s a chance you’ll be lost in the flow. At least 2 weeks before the release, try to pique interest in your NFT collectibles. You can begin with a teaser and then gradually reveal the details of the drop.

Keep in mind that there are people who know nothing about NFT art. Also, prepare a set of posts where you explain what NFT is and why it makes sense to buy digital collectibles.

Create an eye-catching teaser of your NFT project. The main idea behind teasers is to show what your NFT Project is about but, at the same time, to keep the intrigue. Such a way of advertising usually arouses the interest of potential collectors, makes them stay tuned for more details, and not miss the date of the release. Post your teaser on social media and, also, give it to the marketplace to use on its website and social media channels.

The community of artists is usually very supportive. If you ask your art friends and followers to share your NFT Project on social media, chances are high they will agree. When acting together, you will generate more buzz around your NFTs and make them possible to be seen by more people.

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Most marketplaces, media, and other crypto platforms send newsletters several times per week. You can reach them out with a request to add your NFT release in the upcoming newsletter.

Once a week we, from NFT Collector, send out a newsletter with the best release in the NFT space in our opinion. Basically, we choose 1 NFT Artist and feature them in our newsletter.

Collecting NFT pieces created by other artists is a good way to start making yourself a name in the NFT Universe. If you purchase someone’s NFT artwork, share this event on your social media, tagging the artist, he is likely to share your post on Instagram Stories. You will expand your audience this way, thus, the number of potential collectors.

This is a strategic step and a small contribution to your future NFT release.

NFTs are still relatively fresh, you can use freelance platforms to find someone (A PRO) to assist you. We recommend this NFT South Africa Platform that gathers the most experienced NFT artists, so you can focus on marketing instead of worrying about the technical stuff.

With this NFT guide above to promote your non-fungible tokens at your disposal, your NFT drop is sure to succeed.

Experiment with several types of marketing, then choose the ones that are right for you and implement them. Make your NFT collections accessible to as many collectors as possible, keep improving your marketing strategy, and never be afraid to spend money on promotion.

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